Becoming a Sports Physiotherapist

Becoming a Sports Physiotherapist
June 1, 2020 Michelle Khoury
Becoming a Sports Physiotherapist

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Becoming a Sports Physiotherapist

I still remember my first Physiotherapy lecture at University, the lecturer used the word sputum…and he was talking about hospitals…

For 3 years, I wanted to get into a Physiotherapy course and all I wanted to do was Sports Physiotherapy! I didn’t even know that Physiotherapists worked in hospitals…I had a big 4 years of learning ahead of me.

New Graduate

As a New Graduate, you are well prepared for hospital work but how will you deal with a concussion, a spinal injury or a significant and immobilising limb injury!?  And what are you going to do with that athlete who has returned to play following an injury, but is still getting some ongoing pain!?

You may not know it, but you have been taught the processes and skills, it’s just a matter of implementing them!

And the way to learn that, is to throw yourself into some pitch-side Physiotherapy work!

Sports Physiotherapist: Pitch side

There are advanced first aid courses offered by Lubas and the RFU to train you in dealing with the more confronting and serious injuries.  They will give you the confidence to acutely manage any injury that may arise on your court or field.

From my experience, teams are always so welcoming of your assistance and they are always eager to get you involved, as much as possible.  It’s a great learning environment!  You get to see, first hand, the wide range of injuries that are possible, and no two days or games are every the same!

You will inquisitively assess these injuries that you would not have seen before.  New treatment technique can be trialed or strapping and then watch how the athlete performs.  You will watch and see player after player, making the same movement or training error, which has led to the injury you assessed.  You will learn things about a sport and it’s athletes that were previously a mystery.  Most importantly, you will become a valued member of the team!


Part-time, pitch side Physiotherapy work is flexible and can fit around your full-time job.  It will add another element to your Physiotherapy repertoire and it will make your search for answers, in places you haven’t explored before.

When I was a New Graduate I remember, feeling that I didn’t have the experience for certain jobs, that I wish I could work in.  Working for free, and doing jobs that no one else wanted to and I even made my own roles.  In the end, every experience and contact has led on to the next!

Jump in to pitch-side Physiotherapy work!  Broaden your horizons, challenge yourself and reap the rewards from making a start to your career as a Sports Physiotherapist.

Here at Physio Science we have plenty of sports therapy work opportunities available. Please email with any queries. Or complete our online application form using the following link here.
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