Therapist Essential Information Pack

Please find attached all essential documents and resources for working with Physio Science

Injury reports

Please ensure you complete an adult SCAT6 or child SCAT6 for all head injury assessments. If this is not possible please provide a valid explanation why in your injury report. Ensure that all pages of the form are emailed over with your injury report via Egress, on the day of your fixture.
Injury records must be typed and sent to using a secure server (Egress), on the same day as the fixture. Egress also has an app feature, ensuring you can still send injury reports via your phone/tablet if this is your preferred method.

Helpful apps

There are several helpful apps available including Dropbox, Excel, Word and Egress. If you have all of the listed app’s downloaded to your phone/device you can utilise the following services.

  • Access your documents from your cloud (Google Drive/Microsoft 365/Dropbox), including the injury record document.
  • When opening the document you can edit it using the Word app.
  • Once you have completed the injury log you can then choose to ‘send a copy’ of the file and then choose from several options including sending directly from Egress. This then ensures the document is sent securely.
  • An additional option is to scan and upload the SCAT6 documents and save these as a PDF. These can be sent directly via Egress.

Team schedules

For each team you are booked to work with, you will receive their individual team spreadsheet. This will hold all information required for working with this team. Please ensure you read this thoroughly and ensure you text the main point of contact for that team, 48 hours before your booked fixture.

If you have any queries regarding your booked fixtures please get in touch with us as soon as possible at

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Physio Science Team