Covid-19 Policy

At Physio Science, our priority is to protect our staff, patients and the vulnerable members of our community. In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic we have implemented the following key safety measures and additional protocols to help manage and minimise any risk associated with COVID-19.

  1. Clinicians will assess patients either face to face, or by virtual assessment, as deemed clinically appropriate.
  2. Patients are required to complete a pre appointment questionnaire and medical questionnaire, covering COVID-19 risk factors and symptom checks.
  3. Patients must inform and cancel a face to face appointment if any potential symptoms develop with themselves or any member of the patient’s household. Symptoms include:
    1. a temperature over 37.5°C in the last 10 days
    2. a persistent dry cough in the last 10 days
    3. a loss or change to your sense of taste or smell in the last 10 days
  4. Patients must inform the clinic if signs of COVID-19 develop within 14 days of attending a face to face appointment.
  5. Patients must inform the clinic if they are contacted regarding NHS track and trace, and asked to self-isolate.
  6. Patients must wear a face covering on arrival to the clinic, throughout your appointment and until you are outside of the clinic building.
  7. Patients will be provided with hand washing/sanitising facilities, and will be required to use this on arrival.
  8. Infrared temperature checks will be completed for all patients and visitors on arrival.
  9. PPE will be worn by clinicians as directed by Public Health England (PHE).
  10. Implementation of site specific location plans to manage the number and flow of people.
  11. Increased frequency of cleaning and additional cleaning protocols to sterilise contact areas.
  12. Appointments will be spaced out sufficiently to avoid interaction between patients and allow time for cleaning.
  13. Wherever possible, Physio Science will provide a well-ventilated space in which to carry out appointments.
  14. Physio Science will adopt a ‘track and trace system’ of contacting all relevant patients as soon as possible if any COVID-19 symptoms are reported.
  15. Physio Science will provide additional training for staff on managing COVID-19 risk factors.
  16. Physio Science will ensure regular reviews of infection control measures in line with PHE guidance.
  17. Patients must be open to virtual consultations wherever suitable to limit face to face contact (this may mean a split appointment to discuss physical symptoms and determine the need for hands on treatment).


On booking your appointment, you will be sent the above policy, the pre-screening and medical questionnaire, as well as patient terms and conditions. Please ensure you read, complete and email back the relevant documents prior to your appointment.