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Wound Dressings


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  • £7.50£33.59

    Leukomed Sterile Plasters

    • Leukomed offers a choice of 3 different sterile wound dressings
    • Leukomed T - Waterproof, bacteria proof and transparent for non-exudating wounds and fixation
  • £5.75£12.99

    Non-Adherent Dressings Pads

    • Low-adherent dressing pads
    • Can be used on both sides, preventing incorrect application
    • Low-adherent with high absorbency, effectively draws exudate away from the wound
  • £1.00£5.49


    • Selection of washproof, fabric and blue plasters
    • Washproof: Soft & flexible, ventilated washproof plasters
    • Fabric: Lightweight, stretchable fabric weave plaster in traditional heavyweight fabric. Very adhesive
  • £0.50£11.99

    Relistrip Skin Sutures

    • Sterile skin closure strips are ideal for closing and stemming blood flow from deeper wounds
    • Porous non-woven backing is coated with hypoallergenic adhesive
    • Reinforced with polyester filaments to provide additional strength
  • £0.50£0.65

    Sterile Dressings

    • Eye Dressing (no 16): Thick, comfortable sterile eye pad dressings
    • Medium (no 8) and Large Dressing (no 9): Sterile wound dressings. Ensures wounds are protected from infection, unmedicated absorbent pad
  • £0.30£25.99

    Sterile Gauze Swabs / Gauze Swabs

    • Gauze swabs to stem bleeding or to clean wounds
    • Can be placed over a wound before taping or bandaging
    • Available as Sterile or Non-Sterile