Due to COVID-19 some of our services remain disrupted. We have temporarily ceased Online Sales. Our Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy Service is running. Face-to-face appointments are available at our Brighton Clinic (BACA). Alternatively, we can offer video-appointments.

To book a face-to-face or video-appointments or for further information please email healthcare@physioscienceuk.


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  • Actimove Manus Wrist Brace
    Actimove Manus Wrist Brace

    Actimove® Manus Wrist Brace

    Provides stabilisation of the wrist without restriction of hand function. Pre-shapes aluminium stay can also be moulded for an individual fit.
  • Actimove ManuWrap Wrist Brace
    Actimove ManuWrap Wrist Brace

    Actimove® ManuWrap Wrist Brace

    Provides effective support immediately after injury, during rehabilitation from strains and sprains or as a preventative measure during sporting activities.
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    Mueller Wonder Wrap

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    Extra-strength 3" elastic wrap with nylon fibres provides breathable, controlled compression. Ideal for wrists, elbows, thighs, knees and ankles.