Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Women’s health physiotherapists specialise in pelvic obstetric and gynaecological physiotherapy. Specialist areas include obstetric, gynaecological and pelvic health, bladder and bowel dysfunction, musculoskeletal conditions related to pregnancy, diastasis rehabilitation and clinical Pilates.

Women’s health physiotherapy offers a relaxed and discreet environment where sensitivity around women’s health issues is recognised. The initial assessment is one hour in duration. This allows time for patients to give a detailed history and to talk through their issues thoroughly, enabling a realistic treatment plan to be agreed upon, and tailored to the needs and lifestyle of the patient.

Our women’s health physiotherapist is highly professional and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the assessment and management of conditions.

Who provides this service?

Where is this service offered?

Hove: Montefiore Hospital

The Montefiore Hospital is a state of the art medical facility in Hove. We run several services here including Shockwave Therapy, Women’s Health Physiotherapy and an independent Sports Physician. Individual booking and contact details for these services can be found here.

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New Patient

Follow Up



£45 (30 min)

£40 (30 min)

£55 Extended Follow-Up (45 min)

Shockwave Therapy

£120 (30 min)

£120 (30 min)

Located at Montefiore Hospital

Hand Therapy

£55 (45 min)

£50 (30 min)

Women’s Health

£75 (60 min)

£55 (30 min)

Sports Physician*

£210 (45 min)

£140 (30 min)

£180 Guided Injection

*As an independent provider, payment will be made directly to the physician.