Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) we have temporarily ceased online sales. To ensure our patients and staff remain safe, we have closed all sports medicine and physiotherapy clinics. However, we are now offering video-appointments.

To book or for further information email healthcare@physioscienceuk.com

Video Appointments for Remote Physiotherapy Consultations

As of Monday 23rd March, we have closed all of our clinics for face to face contact. However, we are now offering consultation through video-call or telephone if you’d prefer.

Video-appointments can be conducted online through Google Hangouts, Skype or Zoom.

We had hoped that as a healthcare organisation we would be able to remain open during this time, however, it is in the best interest of our staff, patients and society as a whole to slow the spread of Covid-19.

We understand this is a new technology and a new experience for many people, so don’t worry, our teams are here to talk you through setting up the software and sorting out the consultation process. We’ll even do a test run to ensure things work.

We are committed to helping everyone in our community stay both physically and mentally healthy during these challenging times, so we are also conducting online Pilates, Yoga and S&C sessions, including small group classes.

The government guideline allows people to exercise outside once per day to maintain both physical and mental wellbeing. This can therefore coincide with forms of exercise rehabilitation away from home.

If you’d like more information or to book a remote consultation, email us at healthcare@physioscienceuk.com.



New Patient

Follow Up


Physiotherapy – Video Appointments




£45 (30 min)

£40 (30 min)

£55 Extended Follow-Up (45 min)

Shockwave Therapy

£120 (30 min)

£120 (30 min)

Located at Montefiore Hospital

Hand Therapy

£55 (45 min)

£50 (30 min)

Sports Physician*

£210 (45 min)

£140 (30 min)

£180 Guided Injection

*As an independent provider, payment will be made directly to the physician.