Compex SP 2.0


The Compex SP 2.0 with all the basic electrostimulation features and MI-technology is the ideal partner for athletes who train 1 or 2 times per week.


The Compex SP 2.0 includes Mi technology
Mi Scan- scans the muscle and automatically adjusts the parameters to the user’s physiology.

The SP 2.0 includes the following 20 programmes:
Endurance • Resistance • Strength • Explosive strength •
Muscle building • Warm-up • Capillarisation

Training recovery • Relaxing massage •
Reduce muscle soreness

Pain management:
Pain management TENS • Reduce muscle tension •
Muscle pain • Back pain • Heavy legs • Cramp prevention

Fitness :
Firm your arms • Tone your thighs • Firm your stomach •
Shape your buttocks


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