Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) we have temporarily ceased online sales. To ensure our patients and staff remain safe, we have closed all sports medicine and physiotherapy clinics. However, we are now offering video-appointments.

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Physio Science UK Blog

  • Jun292020

    Therapist Essential information Pack

    Essential documents/resources for working with Physio Science UK.

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  • Aug292019

    Available Work with Physio Science

    Pitch side and sports injury clinic work

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  • Aug242018
    Becoming a Sports Physiotherapist

    Becoming a Sports Physiotherapist

    Become a Physiotherapist, or you're looking to develop your career......................

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  • Jul232018

    Foam Rollers: What Are The Benefits?

    Foam Roller offers many of the same benefits as a sports massage.

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  • Sep252017
    Ankle, core stability

    Proprioception – Core Strength

    The foot and ankle is the only interface between the rest of the body................

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  • Aug072017

    Latest Concussion Guidelines

    Concussions is an area of sports medicine that we know a lot more about.......

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  • Jul312017

    Groin Strain Exercises

    The groin muscles are more formally known as the Adductor's and ................

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  • Jul102017

    Injury: Runner’s back pain

    The back is the victim. There is very rarely anything pathological found within.........

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  • Jun262017
    ACL Reconstruction

    Physio Science UK: ACL Reconstruction

    5 Top Tips to Recovering from a ACL Reconstruction

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